CDL is a forward thinking creative graphic & web design business that cares for local business. Our collective skills cover everything from brand identity, graphic design and web development and web hosting to print and photography. We strive on producing high quality to help your company stand out and that your demographic can identify with, from the look and message of your logo, to the colour palette that will be used across all mediums. We care about your business and want to help it grow, we have developed a diverse range of designs and this why our clients choose to continue to work with us.


CDL is first and foremost a branding agency.  We create robust brands with believable stories that have a strong visual point of difference. We believe it is imperative to produce strong design and from there, every brand will hold its own worth whether we are developing promotional material or websites, it all starts with strong design.

Our approach is centered on uncovering an authentic and differentiating story through a combination of research and creativity. We invest a significant amount of time up-front to ensure we create a brand which achieves cut through and is flexible enough to build long-term brand value.


When you’re first getting excited about turning your seedling into a viable design or website, the thought of designing, developing, launching and marketing a new business can make the process very daunting.

That’s where we can help.

Sit down with us over a coffee and we can begin to shape your idea into a fully-fledged business model. We can then discuss ways of turning your business model into a dynamic and well-produced website that does everything you want it to do, and perhaps… even more.


Customer loyalty is our ultimate goal in a small local business like ours and lets face it we wouldn’t be where we are without out our loyal clientele, we whole heartedly believe in creating this pledge, if your not 100% satisfied with our work we will go back to the drawing board to meet your expectations, we will continue to do this until we have successfully reached the peak of perfection.

If that that’s not a strong enough pledge for you then just take a moment to read our testimonials from our clientele. We promise to deliver on what we preach, cost effective, creative edge, time efficient, never miss a deadline this we promise you!

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